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TRS Racing / Baucco Squad,

TIn 2017, two of the world's greatest triathlon teams officially joint forces. A couple years prior, triathlon pundit and podcast host, Ben Hobbs created TRS Racing. Around that same time, professional triathlete, AJ Baucco created the Baucco Squad. As those teams both started to take form, the triathlon world started to become dominated by age group teams that cared more about "being sponsored" than having fun. Our teams both set out to change that standard. So as 2017 approached, it was apparent that both of our teams were headed in the same direction. This led to the creation of an alliance that is greater than any other alliance in the history of sports. With our teams now working together, we are one of the biggest teams in the entire sport. Our athletes, which are spread across the entire world, train together, race together, support each other, and of course, celebrate after every finish line, the way the triathlon gods intended them to.